Welcome to Boxy

Boxy Wallets is founded by husband and wife Matt and Leiyann Irwin. We are travelers and became especially inspired from a trip to Dubai. Surrounding us was modernization, efficiency and sustainability in everything they do and we used our inspiration to design and create Boxy. Leiyann worked in the banking industry for over 10 years and the problem of credit card theft was to common. We knew we needed to create a wallet that is sleek, minimal, sustainable and safe. So, we thought what would a modern wallet look and function like?

Welcome to Boxy Wallets, your go-to destination for modern and sleek vegan leather wallets. Our wallets are not only stylish but also smartly designed with advanced anti-theft protection. With our innovative accordion card design, you can easily organize and access your cards while keeping them secure. Each wallet is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of vegan leather, providing a cruelty-free alternative without compromising on quality. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and security with Boxy Wallets, where modern design and smart anti-theft protection meet the convenience of an accordion card design.